‘I found my purpose’: Hip-hop violinist Damien Escobar shares inspiring journey

Musician Damien Escobar fought through depression and homelessness, and is now performing to huge crowds across the United States.

TODAY’s Craig Melvin met the hip-hop violinist on the set of his latest video to hear his inspiring story.

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  1. Danya says:

    You are such an inspiration, knowing your history only rise the admiration I have for you and motivate me to reach my goal.
    Your music is the language of my heart.
    (I am waiting for you to perform in France)
    Gros bisous

  2. Anyar Dier says:

    Jon Luc Ponty was my favorite violinist until I heard you. Driving in my car and listening to my music is my escape – it’s my freedom. I listen to your music over and over and over. Your talent is beyond description, and it brings so much joy into my life when I listen to you. I have all your songs in my Napster playlist. I can’t think of a single bad song, which is unheard of for any artist. When I heard “Forbidden Love” it brought tears to my eyes. Such a beautiful composition. Unfortunately, I was unable to find it to purchase it. All I ask are two things: 1) Please come to Detroit, and 2) please make “Forbidden Love” downloadable or for sale. My love to you! You are a wonderful musician.

  3. Queen Augustin says:

    May TMH (THE MOST HIGH) Continue to Bless you, Achi (My Brother)! ( Ahavah (Love), Achotichem (Your Sister). Shalom!!

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