Damien talks with tamsen fadal on pix 11 news!


  1. Eileen Negron says:

    Hi Damien! PIX11 is my favorite station for news and then Ch4 on the weekends. I am always happy to read about your journey and your triumphs, of which I am sure that many more lie ahead of us. Your art is part of my life’s re-awakening (yep you won that honor) and you will always have a special place in my heart, because you move me. I am always going to want to know about you and I will always want to hear your sounds. And if I never fall in love again, it’s really not the worse thing when I have the sounds of YOU to carry me through. 🙂 Stay Golden! Peace and Love. Eileen N. – from the Boogie Down Bronx

  2. Verrita Bailey says:

    Damien, I saw one of your videos once and I remember telling you that I was transported, to s mountain side, and felt elevated. I still feel elevated every time I see you are hear you play. I have not been able to see you in person yet, but you are definitely on my bucket list. I have been through a rough time this year and loss my Mom in May, but music is a therapy for me. You music moves me and it heals. Love your Get Up and Dance; again spirit lifted, transported, and elevated. Love God for you! Keep blessing the world with your gift. Thank you! I going now to put my money where my mouth is, going to buy some musuc.

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