Damien Featured in Sony’s New Action Commercial


Dancer Mela Sierra, aka Mela Murder, teams up with violinist
Damien Escobar in a performance that challenges the clichés of
what we expect from hip hop. Set in Weylin B. Seymour’s, the
beautifully restored former Williamsburg Savings Bank, Director
Jordan May uses the Action Cam by Sony to bring us an entirely
new view of this dance form.

How it was made:
Action Cams were attached to the head, waist and abdomen of
Mela as she danced, providing angles that are fascinating in it’s
abstraction. Action Cams were also mounted to Damien and his
violin. His powerful music, combined with Mela’s visceral
movements in the ornate environment created a beautiful
contrast that paints an entirely different image of hip hop.
The Director of Photography, Jordan Kelly used the camera’s high
resolution to it’s full advantage. The high resolution allowed him
the freedom to crop into the footage in editing. The team also
utilized the 120 fps feature of the Action Cam to capture Mela’s
movements in slow motion.
The performance is an original choreography by Mela and the
song, Freedom, is an original composition by Damien.
Mela Sierra, aka Mela Murder, has choreographed for and toured
with Diplo and Major Lazer. Damien Escobar is an Emmy winning
violinist who tours around the world.

See how Move was made and other Never Before Seen films at http://www.sony.net/neverbeforeseen

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  1. Gloria says:

    I’m a Devout Fan! And, I Love Your Music, but, We Haven’t Seen Any Dates For Appearances in The Dallas- Ft Worth Area… Please Include in Your Tour Schedule!

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